Simple Things to Facilitate Sleep

Sometimes falling asleep is easy, but we’ve all experienced those nights when it is almost impossible to fall asleep.  No matter what the cause of the insomnia, all you can think about is how badly you need to fall asleep, which makes falling asleep even harder.  There are some simple solutions that will help you fall asleep on those nights when it seems you’ll be awake all night.

One very important thing that seems so obvious is that you need to relax; it’s hard to fall asleep when every muscle in your body is tense.   Set aside an hour or so before your normal bed time just to relax.  Some people find meditation a helpful relaxation technique; meditation allows the mind to relax and stressful thoughts seem to disappear, at least for the moment. Whatever method of relaxation works for you, use it; it’s nearly impossible to fall asleep when your mind and body are tense.

Falling asleep is easier if your body is on a regular schedule.  The average person needs between six and seven hours of sleep each night, however this varies from individual to individual.  If you wake up too early in the morning you may be going to bed too early at night; human beings are creatures of habit and we sleep when our bodies are trained to sleep.

Stress is one of the major causes of insomnia; sometimes it’s hard not to worry and we end up lying awake trying to solve all our problems in one night.  Keeping a journal may be a helpful solution; it allows you to write down your worries and forget about them, at least long enough to get a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes we think we’re relaxing by watching television or reading in bed before we go to sleep; while reading or watching television may be relaxing for some people, it should not be done in bed.  We should get used to the idea that the bed is for sleep, and sleep only; so that when you get into bed your body naturally wants to fall asleep.

Finally, don’t go to bed hungry; but don’t have five course meal just before bed either.  It is better to eat three or four hours before bed time to make sure you don’t wake in the middle of the night hungry.

These are simple things you can do to help fall asleep when you have occasional insomnia; something just about everybody suffers form at one time or another.  These few little tricks may be all you need to fall asleep; and are much better than relying on medication, which can leave you groggy in the morning or worse, can be habit forming.

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