Shopping for Post Maternity Swimwear

If you are keen to get back into shape quickly after the birth of your baby then it is important to take part in regular exercise. Breast feeding and a sensible healthy diet can help you to lose the weight but your abdominal muscles in particular will have been weakened during pregnancy and to get as close as possible to your pre-pregnancy figure, you need to take part in the right kind of exercise. Swimming is great as it is both an efficient calorie burner and supports your body so you do not have to worry about over exerting yourself.

You’ll probably find that your regular pre-pregnancy swimsuit is too small and your maternity swimsuits are too big. Every woman has a bit of a flabby belly after having a baby so ideally you’ll want a swimsuit that provides support and covers up the stomach area. One-piece swimsuits are often the swimwear of choice at this time to provide full coverage, or you may want to choose a tightly fitting tankini.

Look for swimsuits that provide additional internal support as your breasts will still be larger than usual and require more support than a regular swimsuit gives. If you are breast feeding you may also want to consider buying a nursing swimsuit. Just like a nursing bra, these swimsuits give easy access for breast feeding – ideal if you’re traveling on vacation with your baby and spending a lot of time wearing your swim suit.

Some swim wear is designed as ‘shape wear’ with an additional tummy panel which can help to suck in your waist. These look great if your stomach is still a bit flabby and help you to feel confident and supported while you are swimming. You can buy these swim suits from sports stores or just look in your regular maternity swimwear shop.

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