Shake Weight – A Fitness Device for Both Men and Women

People spend a large part of their lives, worrying about their bodies. Weight loss is particularly a major concern for women. Fad diets and working out in the gym don’t work for too long and most people can’t cope with them. So here is a product that makes weight loss seem literally easy to handle. It is called Shake Weight that is very similar to dumbbells but has springs on both sides. The approximate weight of each is close to 2.5 pounds and there are special ones designed for men and women.

The product was initially targeted to women because it helps to build muscle and lose extra pounds without women looking too muscular and bulky. However Shake Weight is also specially designed for men. Being a simple device, that is handy and easy to store at home, it is quite popular. Shake Weight works on the principle of Dynamic Inertia. It needs to be shaken back and front in the hands, either alternately or simultaneously. Due to the springs on both sides there is a jerking movement of hands that produces optimum strain in the muscles. The shaking movement therefore helps the formation of muscles and also burns calories. Depending on which muscle groups you wish to focus on – such as shoulders, biceps, triceps or chest – you need to vary the hand movements. Thus with such a simple method you can actually tone different parts of your body.

The best feature of Shake Weight is that it offers a wide variety of benefits to the body in the comfort of your home. You can save a lot of time by working out with this at home. It also provides users with a flexibility to exercise as per their liking, without needing a gym. It comes at an affordable price and can be purchased in stores as well as on the Internet. Being so easy to carry around, you can take the Shake Weight dumbbell even while traveling and continue exercising whether on a holiday or business trip.

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