Self Defense Training – Find the Best Martial Arts Dojo

The basis of many self-defense classes is some form of martial arts. In fact, certified black belt instructors teach many personal defense classes. Many people seeking self defense tips and training don’t wish to stop after a few classes teaching the basics. Studying martial arts can give you the tools and techniques to defend yourself properly if you are ever attacked.

Who Should Learn Martial Arts?

Anyone who is seeking to understand basic self-defense skills can benefit from learning martial arts. Not only will martial arts give you strength, power and focus to defend yourself from an attacker, but it will also give you the discipline that will help you to use this powerful knowledge properly.

What to Look for in a Martial Arts Class

When taking any form of martial arts, you must make sure that a qualified instructor is teaching you. It is acceptable to ask the instructor about their qualifications before beginning any training with them. A small class size will give you enough time with your instructor so that you don’t become just a face in a crowd. It is also acceptable if there are multiple instructors for a larger class. Avoid studios that show flashy techniques right off the bat in order to catch your interest. Self-defense and martial arts are not about entertainment; they should focus on self-preservation and discipline. Also, keep in mind that martial arts are not your only option. There are boxing techniques and gyms that can be helpful as well if the type of training listed below is not your main interest.

Types of Martial Arts that are Beneficial for Self-Defense

Karate- This is perhaps the most popular style of martial arts among new students today. Karate uses grappling, restraint holds and point strikes in their methods. These techniques are some of the most vital when training for self-defense.

Aikido- This Japanese martial art focuses on using an opponent’s own power against them. This particularly helpful when an assailant is larger than the person being attacked.

Kung Fu- While this style has become very popular in the movies; it is also very beneficial for self-defense purposes. Striking, stances and muscle/cardiovascular conditioning taught here are particularly helpful.

Using martial arts as a form of self-defense can be both beneficial and practical. Nearly anyone can learn to use these techniques and they give a greater understanding of how to defend oneself than beginner’s self-defense courses. Carefully select the type of martial arts that appeals to you the most, and then find a dojo or other training facility with certified instructors to teach you how to properly defend yourself. This will give you the knowledge to protect yourself without hesitation if the moment strikes and you are attacked.

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