Personal Story Of Sedation Dentistry

Here’s a positive experience with sedation dentistry. We’ll walk through the work done step by step, and relate to you what happens during the dental procedure.

At least as much as we can remember.

Sedation dentistry can literally remove all memory of what happens in the dental chair. Here’s what I can remember of a pretty extensive oral surgery procedure that used the technique of sedation dentistry to help get through the work.

In this case, the procedure was removal of wisdom teeth. (no cracks about why I had them please.) The teeth had become a gnarled mess in the back of my mouth and was going to require extensive cutting of the gum tissue in order to remove the impacted teeth. This procedure would be impossible without sedation dentistry. I know I wouldn’t want to be awake while someone took a scalpel to the inside of my mouth.

The meeting with the dentist went well. He explained he would use sedation dentistry in a couple of different ways in order for me to have the greatest amount of comfort possible. I would receive an oral sedative the morning of the afternoon procedure. Once I got in the chair, the dentist would then have another sedative injected into my bloodstream which would leave me completely relaxed, but still able to respond to commands if needed. I recall sitting in the chair, having the needle placed in my arm–and that’s it.

The next thing I knew, I had a mouthful of gauze and was being led from the dentists’ office by my ride. The offending teeth were gone–or so they told me. I didn’t remember much of anything about the dental work. Sedation dentistry had worked it magic. The dentist was able to work on a patient while focusing on the procedure, knowing his patient was very comfortable.

No matter your level of trauma or anxiety for dental procedures, sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to improve your oral health.

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