Raspberry Leaf Tea Pregnancy Herbs

This will come as a surprise for most women. Using raspberry leaf tea pregnancy herbs to increase the odds of success? Most women has known the wonder tea as a tea to drink during pregnancy not before pregnancy so it will come as a surprise that this is one of the most effective and beneficial tea for those trying to conceive.

You see, most women who have no problem at all with pregnancy first heard about it when (you guessed it) they’re pregnant. I first heard about it from my mother in law who uses all sorts of herbs and alternative medicines for her daughters. (With great success I must add) At first, I was skeptical but she insisted and since I respect her well enough to at least try her recommendation, I did. With various herbs including the red raspberry lead teat I successfully conceived my first child after years of trying and after trying almost every infertility drugs and option in the market.

I was sold on the idea of using herbs and alternative treatment for infertility after that. I searched online for more information (just because I’m curious) and I was surprised to see a huge community of people using herbs to treat infertility. (Many of them has been successful and are helping out other aspiring mothers on the forum)

I was actually surprised to learn that the raspberry tea not only benefited those who are trying to conceive but also strengthen your uterine and enhances your baby’s health. This is good news compared to the side effects you get when you try something like IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) or drugs like Clomid.

Red raspberry tea increase fertility success because it contains a high amount of vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E and various other mysterious chemicals that works wonders to your fertility. It’s so impressive that even science haven’t caught up to how the chemicals in the tea actually works and doesn’t even have a name yet for most of the chemicals.

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