Pros of Raw Almond Butter

Consuming raw almond butter can be very tasty, but it also offers a plethora of health benefits.  Almonds, the no so surprising main ingredient of raw almond butter are rich in a variety of nutrients including vitamin E, protein, and several antioxidants.  Almonds are also a good source of fiber which is essential to regulating the digestion process.  Although organic raw almond butter can be expensive, it is much healthier than more traditional spreads like peanut butter.

Almond butter is great for your heart because it contains antioxidants that block many forms of LDL cholesterol.  In addition almond butter is loaded with monosaturated fats, the kind of fats that are good for the heart.  While providing a source of good cholesterol and blocking harmful LDL, consuming almond butter helps to prevent clogging of the arteries and is beneficial to overall heart health because it reduces the risk of heart disease.  Almond butter contains three important ingredients (calcium, magnesium, and potassium) that help to keep blood pressure under control.  These minerals work together to alleviate the pressure the resistance in blood vessels and keep the flow of blood regular.

Almond butter is great food for diabetics or those that might be insulin resistant because it helps to subdue spikes in blood sugar that are brought about with a diet high in carbohydrates.  Though nuts themselves are considered high in calories, studies have shown that diets rich in nuts generally do not cause weight gain.  This is because nuts are very high in protein.  One cup of almond butter contains 37 grams of protein which is shown to promote weight loss.

One cup of raw almond butter also contains more than half of the daily recommendation of both calcium and iron.  The high iron content of almond butter makes it great option for vegans and vegetarians who struggle with iron deficiencies which can lead to becoming anemic.  Not only is almond butter healthy for you, but it tastes great too.  It’s perfect spread on taste for a quick and easy breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.

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