Probiotic Yogurt Diarrhea – can be a side effect

Yogurt other than being really tasty is also very healthy. A lot of people are using this together with antibiotics to reduce and even get rid of any yeast infection. Others are taking in a serving of yogurt every day to help their digestive problems, while others are consuming it for its benefits and its dietary serving of important vitamins, calcium and even phosphorous. There are several benefits of yogurt and this also includes aiding and making your stomach settle down when you are having lose bowel movement.

It is no secret that probiotic yogurt diarrhea is one of the benefits of taking in probiotic yogurt. Several studies conducted showed patients getting better within an hour after taking in a good serving of this probiotic product. This is because of the good bacteria that yogurt contains and the moment that it will reach your colon it reacts to the harmful bacteria in your digestive tracts. The higher the bacterial count of the yogurt you are ingesting the better so that millions of it will still reach your innards. This is because as the food travels from your mouth down to your intestines a lot of these bacteria also die. A good bacterial count would be 100 million per gram, which would be enough for a couple million to reach your colon and aid in your digestion.

Instead of taking in medicines to ease your cramping stomach, why not try it the natural way and eat a cup of yogurt. Not only is this effective but at the same time good for the body because you are not ingesting something that might even kill the good bacteria in your intestines. It is always best that instead of taking in medicines right away you try the natural first and among which is to get a healthy dose of yogurt.

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