Prevalent acid reflux symptoms in women and its remedies

Both men and women have the same acid reflux symptoms although they may seem more severe with women, especially during the PMS and when they are pregnant. During these times, the symptoms are more profound and disturbing. There are many ways to deal with the acid reflux problem including over the counter medications and a number of different natural remedies that will prove beneficial in quelling the symptom and even getting rid of the root problem. Natural home acid reflux remedies often work long term rather than concentrating on the symptoms like the drugs sold in pharmacies and drug stores.
The most common acid reflux symptoms in women include:

Heartburn – This is by far the most common and most prevalent symptom of acid reflux in women. It is characterized by a burning sensation that starts from the stomach or the lower chest and moves up through the esophagus towards the throat. This happens when the acidic content from the stomach move up after eating. Sometimes heartburn is characterized by a severe or sharp pain in the abdomen and the neck.
Nausea and vomiting – These symptoms are very common among pregnant women, especially shortly after eating. The feeling often follows the heartburn symptoms and in most cases result in vomiting and bitterness in the throat and the mouth.

Regurgitation happens when the food in the stomach is brought back up into the mouth. Normally, acid reflux happens when these stomach contents are sipped up the esophagus but when they get to the mouth it is a totally different thing. The taste will be bitter and often lasts for up to an hour. Dysphagia is the difficulty in swallowing and is many a time a symptom to the acid reflux syndrome. The sore throat and hoarseness may also be noted among women suffering from this condition when the acids from the stomach corrode the inner linings of the esophagus and throat.

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