Prenatal Massage Therapy

Massage therapy techniques can vary depending on what type of massage you are searching for. They can be very broad techniques such as the Swedish massage, which focuses on the whole body and muscle groups rather than on a specific point on the body that might be causing pain or tightness. The v arious m assage therapy techniques can also be extremely specific in who they are targeting, such as a deep tissue massage would target a person with a chronic muscle injury.

Another type of massage that has a specific target group or demographic is the prenatal massage. Prenatal massage therapy gives attention specifically to pregnant women. Many massage therapists are either not comfortable or not licensed to massage a woman expecting because the woman’s body is constantly changing and fragile during pregnancy. For instance, throughout pregnancy it is obvious that the stomach gradually grows, but the pelvis and hips are also affected by pregnancy and become softer in order to stretch for labor. This softening or stretching is also found throughout the body’s ligaments, even in unusual places like the jaw or elbows. Also, there are body parts and pressure points on a pregnant woman’s body that have been known to indirectly induce labor. Another reason a regular massage would not be conducive to a pregnant woman is because the woman might be retaining water and swelling, or achy in places that might be serious to her pregnancy where as a regular person would be able to receive a massage without hurting themselves.

Prenatal massage also focuses on the fetus within the belly, where many people are afraid or unsure of how to handle massaging the actual stomach and baby. A massage therapist that is able to give special attention to the fetus and relieve certain pressures the mother might have around her bladder or ribs has to have special training in order to not hurt the woman or baby. Massage therapists who are trained in prenatal massage can gently massage around the fetus and not only avoid hurting the mother’s protruding stomach, but also make her more comfortable which is extremely beneficial when pregnant.

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