The Demise Of Pacquins Hand Cream

There are very few things where the term, ‘They don’t make them like they used to!’ applies and one of those things is Pacquins hand cream. This product has been around since the 1960s and is still on top of many people’s cosmetic list. That is all people, not just women. Any man who does not see the value of protecting his skin, the very protective barrier between him and an increasingly hostile environment has got to be stupid. Now there seems to be a little bit of an uproar about this product being discontinued because it obviously works.

It seems that there is an increasing shortage of Pacquin hand cream and if you search the internet you just might find an eight ounce tub of this product that used to cost $5 in a supermarket, will cost $20 on eBay. has a page dedicated to this cream that provides an up to date list of items for sale on eBay, and is well worth keeping an eye on.

The question now is why such a popular, in demand product is being discontinued? From information tidbits acquired here and there, the original manufacturer Pfizer sold their consumer health care product department or line to Johnson & Johnson in 2006. With this acquisition J & J also acquired the now precious Pacquins hand cream along with its other incarnations, Pacquins plus hand cream, Pacquins hand and body cream, Pacquin plus hand and body cream, Pacquins medicated hand cream.

Well for one thing this might just be a rumor or if true, a way for J & J to bump up the price. This does at face value seem like an outrage but thinking deeper about it one cannot wonder if we did not do this, as a highly consumer orientated society, to ourselves. Our increased refusal to take responsibility for ourselves, as well as not realizing the absurdity of our practice of buying things we do not need in order to impress people we do not like, has made us tempting prey for unscrupulous manufacturers.

So what do we do? Well for one thing, we should not stand for this and we can write or email Johnson & Johnson and demand the reinstatement of a beloved product that has been around for decades. We must start to make it clear that we as consumers make their business and if they do not give us what we want, we will not give them what they want.

Right now, we want our beloved, tried and tested remedy for dry h ands, feet and body skin. We want our Pacquins hand cream, our Pacquins plus hand cream, our Pacquins hand and body cream, our Pacquins plus hand and body cream, our Pacquins medicated hand cream and if they know what’s good for them they will not forget the Aloe version either.

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  1. I cannot imagine your thinking about discontinuing Pacquin Plus Hand Cream. There in none like it. So, I am requesting that you please to keep it on the market.

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