You Can Start Overcoming Depression Now

I’m sure by now that almost everyone has seen the commercial – depression hurts. Its true, it does. Depression hurts on so many more levels than just your emotions. Depression doesn’t have to keep hurting though. You can begin overcoming depression.

Unfortunately there is still a massive stigma associated with depression despite the marketing efforts of pharmaceutical companies over the last few years.  Antidepressants can be effective for many, but more and more research is showing that in order to overcome depression in the long run, we need more. In fact, the most recent studies are showing that antidepressants are not working as advertised in the majority of cases in which they are prescribed.

Pills aren’t the answer for depression in the long run. They may help in the moment to provide the extra energy you need to start getting help. what they don’t do is make lasting changes to the underlying causes of depression. True emotional wellbeing will only come when you alter and change the reasons for the depression.

A majority of adults will face depression at one point of their lives or another. Some will be able to manage it effectively based on their resilience and healthy relationships that they have build in their lives. Others will continue to suffer from chronic depression despite their relationships, resilience, or any other factor. From the outside looking in, we don’t always know why one person can overcome depression seemingly on their own while another gets stuck in the rut day after day.

We have, however, gotten very good at treating depression over the years. The reason for this is because so many people suffer from it at one point or another in their lives. You can begin overcoming depression on your own. If you find that your efforts are not enough or aren’t working fast enough for you, help is always available from a professional who is ethically bound to maintain your confidentiality.

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