Using An Outdoor Chin Up Bar To Increase Your Fitness

If you like pumping your lungs with fresh air during a work out, an outdoor chin up bar might be the best option for you. Like indoor chin up bars — such as the wall-mounted and doorway varieties — outdoor chin up bars allow you to perform multiple exercises to develop your upper body and abs, increasing your strength and fitness.

Arm-based actions like the standard pull up, chin up, weighted chin up, one-handed chin up, and one-armed chin up can strengthen your lats and tone your biceps, while abdominal-based exercises like the hanging leg raise can get your torso in tip-top shape. By performing a variety of exercises, you can maximize your strength gains and target your muscles from different angles. Using an outdoor chin up bar during your workouts is a great way to improve your fitness without staying cooped up inside.

To get the most from your chin up bar, using correct technique is crucial — otherwise you could be wasting valuable time with exercises that don’t fully engage your muscles. Before performing any chin up exercise, stand below the bar with your back straight — no arching or slouching — and reach up with fully-extended arms to grasp the bar. When you lift and lower yourself, your movements should be fluid, gradual, slow, and controlled; don’t swing your body or legs to get momentum, and don’t lower yourself too quickly (which can lead to injury). If you’re doing a series of chin ups or pull ups, inhale when you’re at the bottom of the movement and exhale while you’re at the top — holding your breath can be dangerous.

Fully straighten your arms whenever you get to the “hanging” position, so that you’re exercising your muscles’ full range of motion. By practicing these proper techniques, you can make your chin up bar exercises as effective and efficient as possible — translating to better strength and muscle development. Once you’ve mastered good form, you can try chin up variations, helping you diversify your workout.

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