On The Road To Health

At some point or another most of us find ourselves in the position of wanting to lose some weight and increase the level of our health and fitness. Don’t make the mistake of going on some diet that promises miracles after 7 days and leaves your nutrient levels depleted. These diets usually see you gain the weight back pretty much as quickly as you lost it, it just is not worth the effort.

The best way to slim down and increase your energy levels and feelings of well being on a whole is through eating well and using your body everyday.  When I say use your body I mean engage in any activity that breaks a sweat and keep it going for 20 minutes. You can’t go home and reward yourself with doughnuts though you need to revise your eating habits and make them conform to the following principles;

  • lean cuts of meat like chicken breast, lamb cutlets, fillet steak or tuna or legumes (lentils/kidney beans etc)
  • fruit and vegetables, 2 fruit and 5 vegetables
  • wholegrain cereals
  • low fat dairy
  • small quantities of nuts like almonds or cashew nuts

Even amongst all these nutritionally rich foods there are a handful that possess superior metabolic raising capacity. Do your research on natural everyday fat burning foods and include them in your regular dietary intake for best fat loss results and optimal energy levels.

Don’t forget to get out and get active for at least 20 minutes a day. If it is just too hard for you to get out of the house due to commitments like minding the kids, perhaps leasing gym equipment benefits is applicable to you. This may especially apply if you are restricted by weather conditions that are not favourable to outdoor activity. Having a treadmill at home also gives you the advantage of being able to set your machine to interval trainer which gives the best results fastest.

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