Non Invasive Liposuction (without Surgery) Methods

People want to look and feel good. We want to stay in good shape both for health reasons and for aesthetics. And a lot of people would go through at all costs just to be beautiful, even if it means paying thousands for a particular treatment and going under the knife. Others are bit less keen on this because of the idea of having to go through surgery. But what if there is a way to be beautiful quick without having to go under the knife? How much are you willing to pay?

Apparently there is a new liposuction without surgery. You can lose all those excess fats quick without having to worry about needles and knives. But what is this new liposuction treatment ?

This new liposuction that requires no surgery is called non-invasive liposuction. This new form of liposuction is a non-surgical reduction of localized fat. There many different types of non-invasive liposuction as there are different ways to perform liposuction without surgery. Below are some of the non-invasive procedures of liposuction.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation is one of the most requested and performed non-invasive liposuction. This type of liposuction is highly effective if performed by practiced hands. Ultrasonic cavitation uses low frequency to liquefy body fat. A device generates the low frequency ultrasound that is applied on certain areas with a handheld device. The fat cells that get hit by the frequency get torn apart and the liquefied fat is disposed off the body through the urinary tract and the lymphatic system. To liquefy and remove the fats, no surgery is done.

One session lasts for one hour. The doctor then re-measures the treated area. Loss in size can be 2 cm or more. Ultrasonic cavitation can be applied on several body parts. The thighs, hips, arms, buttocks, abdomen, and knees are among the areas that ultrasonic cavitation is used to get rid of fat.


Thermage® is another non-invasive liposuction procedure. It uses a heated laser to melt the fats below the skin. Thermage® also stimulates collagen and tightens the skin. This procedure is best for small areas of fat only. The side effects of this procedure vary with people. Some say that there is no soreness or pain and liken the experience to having a warm massage. Others report having redness, blisters, swelling, and pain that last for several days. Thermage® is also used to tighten skin on the face as an alternative to face lift.


Lipodissolve™ is perhaps the nearest of the non-invasive liposuctions to undergoing surgery. This procedure involves needles; chemicals are injected into targeted areas of fat cells. The chemicals melt the fats and then the body flushes it out through the urinary tract and the lymphatic system, similar to ultrasonic cavitation. Lipodissolve™ is reportedly safe unless you are allergic to one of the chemicals that are injected in this procedure. And bruising or swelling clears up within a few days. The US FDA has not approved this procedure of liposuction without surgery and warns people of the possible side effects.

One treatment of Lipodissolve™ costs $400 to $700. And you need three or four sessions.


This form of non-invasive liposuction is very much similar to Lipodissolve™. Chemical compounds are injected into the body that target and dissolve fat cells. The same potential side effects may also be encountered in this treatment and some say it is painful. The US FDA has also not approved mesotherapy and questions the safety and effectiveness of the chemical solution.

One mesotherapy treatment is cheaper compared Lipodissolve™. It only costs $200 to $400 but it needs 10 treatments before effects are seen.

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