Do you have Neck injury because of whiplash?

One of the most common phenomenons in the road accidents has been whiplash injury. This can be very minor requiring treatment just for a month or major where the cervix area of the spine is affected and require a Local Hyperalgesia taking almost a year to recover. The sudden force or jerk caused to your head and neck during the accident contributes to these whiplash injuries.

Classification of Whiplash neck Injury by Quebec

Þ     With a Grade 0 injury you will have almost no complaints about neck

Þ     A Grade 1 injury may not involve any physical injury but there would be tenderness of the neck

Þ     Grade 2 injury may not involve any physical injury but the range of motion in the neck would be less with tenderness

Þ     Grade 3 injury again has not physical signs but neurological factors like sensory deficiency in the neck and reduced tendon reflexes are present

Þ     A Grade 4 injury involves a dislocation and fracture of the neck

The Clinical anatomic classification is provided above. The Quebec Task Force also measures the time taken to recover from each type of the injury in order to decide on the whiplash payout:

Þ     Grade 0: Recovery within 4 days

Þ     Grade 1: Recovery between 4-21 days

Þ     Grade 2: Recovery between 22-45 days

Þ     Grade 3: Recovery between 46-180 days

Þ      Grade 4: Recovery takes More than 180 days

Simple Hyper-extension of the Neck

The depth of the whiplash injuries was most often related to the hyper-extension of the neck according to earlier studies. To prevent this, a head restraint was introduced in the motor vehicles. However, this did not prevent the whiplash injuries either. It was discovered by the Volunteer Testing that there has been an increase in the whiplash injury in the past decade and the most critical factor has been the simple neck hyper-extension.

If you have not been the cause for the accident, you may apply for a whiplash payout. The payout takes care of your treatment bills, vehicle repair and in case you have hired a vehicle, the replacement of the vehicle too. It also takes care of your lack of income during the time of treatment.

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