Natural Sleep Solutions

While exercise and nutrition are certainly important factors that predict your overall health, the quality of your sleep is believed the most important factor.  If your sleep patterns and overall sleep quality is less than ideal, there are many strategies that you can implement to try to improve the situation.  Try these easy ways to fall asleep!

Watch Your Spices!

While eating foods that are rich in cayenne pepper, chilies and garlic can be good for your health, it isn’t necessarily good for your sleep.  For the best possible night’s sleep, restrict these spicy foods to early in the day.  They can raise your metabolism and make it difficult to rest peacefully.

Go Low Tech!

Now, I love technology just as much as anybody, but the bedroom is the one place I go low tech.  For the best possible sleep, avoid having a television or computer in your bedroom.  Leave your iPhone in the family room – especially if you will be tempted to check your email in the middle of the night.

Consider Self Hypnosis

According to Janice Manson, a RN and clinical hypnotist base out of Vancouver, self-hypnosis is one of the most natural and safest ways to improve your quality of sleep.  She suggests breathing in for four counts, pausing and then slowly exhaling for four more counts.  You should relax more deeply with each exhale.

Say No to Snoozing!

Instead of setting your alarm clock for 10 minutes before you actually want to get up “just in case”, set your alarm clock to the actual time that you want to get up.  You will benefit from an additional 10 minutes of quality sleep and avoid having to wake up twice!

By using these natural ways to fall asleep, you can fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night.  A better night’s sleep means that you will be healthier and better prepared to handle your day!

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