Natural Remedies for Overcoming Panic Attacks

It is terrible to suffer from panic attacks. Those who have suffered know the pain, fear and embarrassment it brings with it. Surprisingly, panic attacks do not result into death; but it is as scary as death. Stress is found to be the one of the major and most common cause. Stress is inevitable in the society we live. We are inclined towards more materialistic and artificial way of life. To relieve ourselves from stress can be done effectively by bridging the connection with our source.

Mainstream therapies and Allopath don’t treat the cause, they just remove the symptoms. Overcoming panic attacks completely from roots should be done with natural therapies which not only cure the disorder but also enable us to live better and healthy life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: One can resort to CBT to cure panic attacks. Basic principle behind CBT is based on theory of repetition. Through repetition of certain action or reaction in mentally imagined condition will create new neural pathways in brain to extract same response in real situation. Though it takes time, it is very effective treatment for mind to train itself to react calmly in difficult circumstances.

Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis is an act of bypassing critical faculty and suggesting subconscious mind with positive messages in altered state of awareness. Mostly, it is done in alpha or theta frequency state of mind. For self hypnosis one can use brainwave entrainment programs like Hemisync and Quantum Mind Power without any need of expert hypnotist. Subject can be deprogrammed from old beliefs, thinking patterns and behaviors that trigger the panic button. New positive suggestions and responses can be implanted to tackle difficult situations diligently and effectively.

Meditation: Meditation is the only solution to possibly connect us with our true self. All mental disorders and disease disappear when meditation brines light of awareness in our lives. Our world is going farther and farther from peace and serenity which is the quality of our true self. In mediation, when mind is completely silent, real peace emerges. It is the ultimate joy and truly out of the world experience. There are many books and audio visual programs easily available relating to breathing, light, sound and chakra meditation for beginners. One should learn and practice meditation daily for living peaceful and fulfilled life.

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