Natural Remedies for Kidney Infection

Kidney infections are mostly caused by a bacterial infection. If a person has a low resistance to infection, the bacteria can travel all the way up the ureters to the kidneys. A urinary tract infection is usually the precursor of a kidney infection.

There are two types of kidney infection. One is acute kidney infection. This type of infection starts suddenly and with severe symptoms. It ends just as quickly as it starts. The other type is chronic kidney infection. This type of infection, on the other hand, starts gradually. As it develops further, it becomes worse and chronic kidney infection can lead to kidney failure. Either way, a kidney infection can be very painful and must be treated quickly and properly. But sometimes, going to the doctors may not be possible. So, here are some remedies for kidney infection that you can whip up at home.

Natural remedies for kidney infection

One of the most popular remedies for a kidney infection is cranberry juice. Cranberry juice has been used for centuries to prevent and treat urinary tract infections. Cranberries have proanthocyanins, which prevent the bacteria from sticking on to walls of the urinary tract, including the kidney. This allows urine to flush out the bacteria from your system.

Keep in mind that when buying cranberry juice, choose the unsweetened one. Be sure to check also the label. Some commercially available cranberry juice drinks have very little cranberry juice. The recommended dosage is about 10 fluid ounces per day. So if you are drinking a juice blend containing only 50% cranberry juice, you need to double the amount that you drink each day. You can find unsweetened cranberry juice in health food stores.

If you find drinking the bitter cranberry juice difficult to stomach, cranberry pills are also available. The pills are often thought to be less effective compared to the cranberry juice or to real cranberries. If you do choose to take the pills, be sure that the pills contain natural ingredients. These cranberry pills are also available in health food stores.

Another natural remedy to flush out the bacteria is water. Some people suffering from kidney infection might not want to drink a lot of water because it makes them urinate more often and urinating is painful. However, water is needed to dilute the urine and flush out the system. Frequent urination cleanses the urinary tract, flushing the bacteria out of your system.

Garlic is a widely known antibiotic. Garlic has been used to treat various bacterial infections and other diseases and conditions. Garlic can be taken in tablet or soft gel capsules available in various health food stores and even in WalMart.

Buchu, as it is otherwise known, is an herbal remedy for kidney infection. Agothosma betulina is a urinary antiseptic with diuretic properties. It cleanses the urinary tract and promotes urination, flushing out the bacteria even faster and more efficient.

Early Dutch settlers used buchu to make a brandy tincture called Boegoebrandewyn, or buchu brandy. This brandy tincture is still widely used today to treat various disorders.

Uva ursi, scientific name Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, is an herb used as folk remedy for some types of urinary tract infection. Umbabazane, as it is also called, is known kill bacteria in urine. The active component in this herb is arbutin. Arbutin is broken down by the kidneys and is released along with its antiseptic properties.

Uva ursi, however, contains a significant amount of tannins. Tannins cannot be absorbed by the intestines can damage the liver if taken in high amounts. So, people with liver problems, pregnant women, and young children should not take uva ursi. It must also be taken in small amounts only as it can damage the kidneys further.

The possible side effects of taking uva ursi are brown or green colored urine, ringing in the ears, indigestion, and nausea. It has also been associated with retinal damage, cyanosis, cancer, seizures, and even death if taken in huge amounts for a prolonged period of time.

• Avena sativa, also known as hawer, is a diuretic and a restorative and nutritive tonic that flushes the kidneys and the urinary tract clean.
• Hypericum pertaroatum is used to treat various bacterial and viral infections.
• Zea mays or corn silk
• Althea officinalis or marshmallow root
• Equisetum arvense or horsetail
• Hydrastis canadensis or goldenseal

• Avoid processed foods, such as dairy products, chocolates, spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated drinks.
• Wear loose underwear and comfortable clothing.
• Apply a warm or hot compress. Use a heating pad and place it on the lower abdominal area to relieve the pain.
• A glass of beer or wine each day is said to be a good way to prevent urinary tract and kidney infections.

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