Natural Colon Cleanse Recipe

So you’ve looked in the health food store, you’ve asked all of your friends and you’ve started some research on-line but you’ re still unsu re which detox plan to go for. Don’t worry, with so many to choose from its no wonder that you don’t know which one is right for you. Here we are going to talk about the basics of detox and what it can do to improve your lifestyle and your body shape.

Most people don’t know that your body stores toxins in your digestive tract. They live in the gut with excess waste that we have no need for and can do without as it is slowly poisoning our bodies against us. So how do we get rid of these nasties? With a detox of course! Detoxing will nudge this excess waste into submission and just by getting rid of it, you will lose several pounds! That’s not all though. Detoxing is also very good for helping you remove all that retained water that you could be hanging on to. That in itself could lose you another 7 pounds or more.

So which detox is for you? You could go for the supplement option where you take some pills that encourage your bowels to move rapidly, you could go for the enema option which can be quite uncomfortable or you could go for the natural, diet detox which encourages you to eat healthily (lots of fruit and vegetables) and therefore lose the weight naturally. There is a way that you can give your detox a boost and that is through a natural colon cleanse recipe. These recipes are designed to make your colon move quicker and become more alter and ready in preparation for your detox. Don’t put up with that extra weight, do something about it and detox!

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