N Acetyl Cysteine: A Helpfull Aid For Asthma

If you are looking for the best way to deal with asthma or other lung problems then you should start taking N Acetyl Cysteine. I read an article about this amino acid which does not only specialize in lung problems but can also be as effective as resveratrol supplements when it comes to keeping the immune system stronger and healthier.

What N Acetyl Cysteine Can Do For You

I have asthma and often get asthma attacks over the littlest things. This turned out to be a hassle not only to my health but also to my finances as well since medicines do not come cheap. Then I read about N Acetyl Cysteine and thought if this thing can improve my lung conditions, maybe I don’t have to deal with these scary attacks or spend too much money so I gave it a try.

After using the product I found that I had fewer asthma attacks compared to before when I did not use N Acetyl Cysteine in my body. In fact, my doctor complimented me for taking the initiative to take it. He said that this amino acid can be very effective when it comes to short term or long term lung conditions like asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.

It also has benefits that are the same with the resveratrol supplements that I used to take and I found this as an added bonus. Aside from the stronger immune system to help me become healthier and free from sickness, I read that it also improves the functions of numerous organs in the body. I do not only get to avoid the risks of having asthma but I am also given the bonus to improve my health as well.

Precautions When Taking N Acetyl Cysteine

I applied what I learned from taking resveratrol supplements and consulted my doctor first in order to get the right dosage. I find importance in this fact since you would need to get the right amount in order to get the majority of the available benefits effectively. I have read that the typical dosage ranges from 250 to 1500 mg daily and this should be taken twice a day so I approached my doctor to get a specific dose – one that would work out fine with my body.

This turned out to be a good move since my doctor was also able to give me tips when it comes to taking N Acetyl Cysteine such as the fact that I should take two to three times more Vitamin C at the same time since the vitamin would help keep the glutathione, an important antioxidant when it comes to the lungs, to function well.

It is also best to take N Acetyl Cysteine without food so that there is a greater chance of absorption.

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