Do I really need mole removal surgery?

Most people wouldn’t know the answer to this question but it is a very important question to answer.  If you ignore it you could miss the early warning signs associated with a particularly nasty skin cancer called melanoma.  The only good thing about melanoma is that if you catch it early enough you have a great chance of stopping the cancer.

I guess a better question to be asking yourself is, “What are the warning signs I should be looking for to determine if I need mole removal surgery?”  You need to learn the ABCD of melanoma detection.


If your mole is growing in a really weird shape and is not in anyway in a symmetrical shape I would definitely be getting that mole checked out and seriously thinking of a mole removal procedure.  Make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

Border definition

Does your mole have a really patchy, notched, blurred or irregular looking border?  If so, that is not good.  It is best if the mole has clearly defined borders.  Once again get in contact with your doctor and start discussing the different mole removal surgery available.

Colour variation

If your mole is a motley collection of varying colours the news is not good.  Ideally a mole will be one consistent colour.  Oh yeh, if a mole is black it doesn’t matter so long as it is the one consistent colour of black.  Call your doctor and let them know you are considering removing a mole, they’ll tell you what to do next.


Generally in life the bigger the better, not so with moles!  If you mole is over 6mm or is continually changing size I’d be concerned.  A good mole will be under 5mm and stay the same size.  You know the drill, call the doctor and ask him for his mole removal price!


If you have any of the warning signs mentioned above take immediate action!  Don’t bury your head in the sand, don’t make up stupid excuses like, “I’m scared of a mole removal scar”, or “Mole removal prices must be expensive!”  This is your life we’re talking about.  You only get one!

For more information visit Mole Removal Answers.

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