Modern Heating Pads Help With Healing

A heating pad is a wonderful item to own; providing pain relief when you need it most by warming parts of the body. Heating pads come in various forms including electrical, chemical and hot water bottles. They are very versatile and a good addition to any home.

Heating pads have been around for years and they are a common treatment against various pains. Microwaveable heating pads are very common in many households; they can be warmed by placing them in a microwave and heating them for a few minutes and can retain their heat for hours. These items are typically made out of an insulated fabric such as flannel; they are filled with grains such as flaxseed or wheat. Aromatic elements are also sometimes added to create a pleasant smell. Heating pads are widely used; in operating rooms to provide heat when the room temperature drops, in an animal’s holding cage when it is recovering from an operation or even in an incubator to provide gentle heat.

Electric heating pads are often used by physical therapists and provide deep tissue heat treatment. They can be used in homes as well; working on your household current. There are also chemical heating pads that releases heat due to a chemical reaction and can also be reused. A good example is sodium acetate heating pad; it can be reused by putting it into boiling water for about 15 minutes and then allowing it to cool off. Providing that you wait for the pad to reach room temperature before using it again, these pads can last for years.

Heating pads are great to have in your home; they provide cost effective pain relief and you can use them repeatedly. If you do not yet own one of these pads you might want to consider investing in one; you will be glad you did.

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