Millions of People Use Contact Lenses

The world’s first working contact lenses were created in Germany in 1887. These were large and uncomfortable and the world of contact lenses has progressed rapidly from these humble beginnings.

Nowadays, contact lenses are an integral part of daily life for millions of people around the world. However, there are still many others who still choose to rely on glasses alone. For some this is because they like wearing glasses. They have worn them for a long time and do not want the perceived ‘hassle’ of wearing contact lenses.

For others, contact lenses are very appealing it is just that they are worried about adjusting to a new life with contacts. Will they find them comfortable? Will contact lenses improve their vision in the same way glasses do? It is for the people asking questions like these that trial contact lenses can be particularly useful.

There are several types of contact lenses and they can be classed in several different ways. Lenses can be classed as therapeutic (which correct vision), cosmetic (which change the color of the eye) or both. They can be soft or rigid and can be intended for daily or extended wear. All these options can be confusing for a person new to contact lenses but your optometrist will be able to guide you in selecting a product appropriate for your needs.

The current contact lens industry is highly competitive. Big brands want to hook you onto their particular lenses because they know that once you start buying them, you are unlikely to stop. Because of this, trial contact lenses have become a common marketing device.

All the major manufacturers offer free trials. From Bausch and Lomb to Acuvue, so many of the big players are involved that you should be able to find some trial lenses to suit you without difficulty.

Find out more about how to get trial contact lenses at the Free Contact Lenses Guide.

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