Migraine Headache Relief

Headache that include things like nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound, watery eyes is known as a migraine headache. At times, it occurs on one side of your head or forehead while other times, the pain can be felt on both sides. It can be a tricky process to identify the right medication or treatment to get a migraine headache relief.

Before understanding the multiple relief options, it is advisable to follow certain health tips in your day to day life. Physicians recommend abortive and preventive measures to control migraine headache. With the abortive method, you are advised to stop it once the pain starts. Doctors prescribe few pain killers that can be taken as early as you start feeling the pain or getting the initial symptoms that migraine is going to attack you.

Preventing measure is considered if the frequency of migraine increases. Certain medication used while treating high blood pressure or anti seizure are advised to be taken on daily or periodically as a preventive measure to control the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches. It is very important to remember to take medication only prescribed by doctors and follow the instructions sincerely. These preventive measure medications are known for serious side effects if taken against doctor’s advice. Talk to doctor and understand the possible side effects these medications can cause. You also need to know how you should take care of yourself if you miss to take a medication as advised.

Did you know music therapy can be considered as an option of migraine headache relief? Researches were done on Indian classical music and its effects on treating certain diseases. Since brain has a strong connection with these headaches, it is found that certain music cords and notes, if combined appropriately can help to get relieved from headaches. These musical notes seem to work better if the headache is mild. In severe cases, music therapy can be combined along with medication for faster relief.

Most of the times, stressful lifestyle causes mast of these headaches including migraines. Leading a stress free life by having a healthy diet and digestive system, exercising regularly like workouts, brisk walks, practicing yoga or meditation and drinking plenty of water or juices can help reduce the migraines. Vitamin c or citric fruits can cause headaches at time. Check it out and have a healthy and headache free life.

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