Medical Solutions to Stop Snoring

There are many stop snoring exercises that you can try out to try to get rid of your snoring habits. However, if none of these methods work then you may need to consult help from a physician. An otolaryngologist is a throat, nose, and ear doctor who will be able to give you specialized information on how to stop snoring. If you need medical tools to help you break your habit, then you will need to see a doctor to obtain them. Bear in mind that these devices are only meant for serious snoring problems and after all other tips to stop snoring have been exhausted. However, snoring can sometimes be a sign of serious health problems so if you have a chronic problem you should consult a physician.

A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP, will help keep your air passage open while sleeping. This is a machine that will sit near your bedside and blow pressured air into a mask that you wear over your face and nose. This machine is very bulky and will likely be quite uncomfortable to wear while sleeping.

Dental devices for snoring look a lot like the mouth guards worn by athletes. These tolls can help to open up your airway through bring your tongue or lower jaw forward when sleeping. The majority of stop snoring devices are made from acrylic and fit completely inside your mouth while some may need to be fastened around the chin or head to help adjust the position of the lower jaw. To obt ain dent al appliances, you should consult a dentist who specializes in sleeping disorders.

Certain surgeries can increase the size of your air passage through removing the tissues or correcting any abnormalities in the throat. A surgeon may remove excess tissue, adenoids, or the tonsils. Problems inside the throat can also be treated through surgery.

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