Massage Therapy For Pain Management

Many people suffer from chronic pain and use too much medication, looking for a way to avoid the pain. Many suffered are finding that massage has the potential to relieve the pain and suffering associated with persistent pain and it can be done without the powerful side effects often associated with medications.

I am careful to be respectful when I discuss pain management because I realize that there is no perfect solution and I don’t want to offer false hope. I am not selling snake oil here but I am introducing an alternative that m any have found to be successful. You may be wondering how massage could possibly control or eliminate pain, so let me explain.

Massage effects pain in a few different ways, here is a brief description of some of the factors.


Getting a massage will cause your body to release endorphins and dopamine, these are natural pain killers that can be very powerful. Dopamine is responsible for many pleasurable sensations in the body caused naturally or synthesized. It will have an immediate impact of pain and make you feel a sense of well being.

Gate Control

This is a new theory that simply states that if it feels good it can’t hurt too. We all know that you can stub your toe and laugh at the same time so it may not be all true but when you are laughing you are not nearly as focused on the pain of your stubbed toe. So, massage can actually act as a pleasurable distraction.

Treatment of Other Symptoms

Pain is often caused or aggravated by additional symptoms, such as sore muscles, stiff joints or a lack of flexibility. Massage can have a significant impact on all of these ailments and possibly reduce pain indirectly by treating the additional pain.


Don’t ever underestimate the body’s ability to heal and don’t discount the healing ability of touch. The touch associated with massage can pass life giving forces from one person to another. If this sounds a little touchy feely, well it is but it has been found to be true. If you believe it, it will make a difference.

Relaxation Side Effects

People with chronic pain are under a lot of stress. And they may not be able to release that stress in the same way as many other people. Exercise may be out of the question and simple movement could be a challenge. This means that any form of stress relief and relaxation could have a huge impact on a persons mental well being

It is amazing what a simple massage can do for a persons health and metal outlook. If you have never made it a habit to get a massage you are missing out and if you are suffering from chronic pain and tired of medication massage therapy could be worth a shot.

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