Manual Cheap Treadmills Are More Relaxing

Have you ever fallen down on a motorized treadmill? It hurts like crazy doesn’t it? The biggest problem with motorized treadmills is that they don’t necessarily stop if you fall down on them. Sure, some of them have safety belts that will automatically turn off the moving belt if pulled out but you’re still going to get a nasty scrape. If you’re worried about being torn up by a motorized treadmill there’s good news: you can get a cheap manual treadmill that has no motorization.

Manual treadmills run on your own power. They don’t offer the same kind of speed options as the motorized ones do but they are a lot safer and easier to use. All you have to do to use these kinds of cheap treadmills is hop up and start running. As your feet move they will push the belt backwards and you will stay in one place.

The nice thing about buying used treadmills, especially cheap treadmills, is that you can negotiate your price. If the seller offers to sell you the treadmill for a certain amount of money always start the negotiation by offering to buy it for half of his asking price. Normally the seller is going to balk at that kind of low-balling offer but every so often you’ll get a biter. If nothing else he’ll make a counter offer that is still less than his original asking price.

To make the deal go more smoothly you can use some of the tips from cheap treadmills central to inspect the treadmill and point out the flaws in it; for every flaw try to knock off about ten percent of the asking price. As long as the buyer is willing to negotiate (and he will be because he wants to get rid of that giant machine) you’re going to come away with a better deal than you thought you would.

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