Managing Insulin Production With Food

Statistics reveal that nearly one in three people are on their way toward developing diabetes. Along the path to full blown type-2 diabetes is insulin resistance and your ability to manage insulin production and your body’s sensitivity towards it may be the difference in whether you develop diabetes or avoid it.

Unfortunately most people who have various degrees of insulin resistance do nothing and that is why so many people have diabetes. You can easily look at this in a negative light however I contend that this is positive if you have the will to take action. My reasoning is simple. People who take action can reverse insulin resistance and avoid diabetes by simply changing the foods they eat and increasing the activity levels they have on a daily basis.

In fact, managing insulin production and lowering insulin resistance is really an easily understood process. Start exercising regularly and eat the right foods. Not only does this sound simple but you don’t even have to change a lot from your diet. If you are smart and only focus on insulin producing foods and foods which better regulate insulin sensitivity you should be much better off.

Above all the foods which you should avoid include refined carbs or sugars such as soda or other sugary drinks. Likewise, the foods you should begin consuming more frequently include foods which contain a lot of fiber cause the body to require less insulin at peak levels. This means that right after eating your blood sugar levels rise and your insulin levels climb to flush the excess sugar from your blood. Foods containing more fiber help your body respond to less insulin and thus insulin production levels do not have to be as high. In people who cannot produce enough insulin this may help in treating insulin resistance enough to avoid developing diabetes.

There are of course many other foods which can help manage insulin production but I feel these are the simplest most practical ways to manage insulin problems on top of getting regular exercise. It’s very important to take some action because insulin resistance is such an obvious path to diabetes. Your health is important and maintaining it should be as well.

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