Lose your Man Boobs for Ever With Surgery

Man boobs can be a great source of embarrassment for many men. While in the pubertal age it’s a matter of time and man boobs will just go away by themselves once testosterone ans estrogen balance again, out of the teenage years is more difficult to treat true gynecomastia, man boobs caused by hormone disorder and not by fat. Surgery is one of the most effective way to get rid of man boobs once and for ever. Let’s take a look at the different man boobs surgery phases:

The visit with the cosmetic surgeon

During the visit, your man boobs will be examined in shape and volume. The surgeon will verify if it is true gynecomastia (glandular excess) or pseudo gynecomastia (excessive fat). In the second case, the suggested action is generally liposuction of chest, which can also be practiced in combination with the correction of true gynecomastia. You will be invited to outline your expectations and to comment the planned scars. You will receive information regarding the intervention and characteristics of postoperative. You will have to bring your medical history. In addition to the collection of physical characteristics such as degree of dysmorphism or skin type, in fact, it will be gathered information about health, hereditary disorders, contracted diseases, surgeries previously undergone or treatments received at the moment of intervention. A careful history will serve to detect any contraindications or limitations to the surgery.

The preparation for man boobs surgery

You will undergo all pre-operative clinical examinations that have been prescribed during the visit. In the days prior to the intervention is appropriate – if you smoke – reducing the quantity of cigarettes. Aspirins and other inflammatory medications can increase bleeding. It is therefore advisable to reduce its use after consulting your doctor.

The day of man boobs surgery

The time of arrival will be scheduled during the visit and confirmed by telephone some days before the intervention. You will be visited by the specialist in anesthesia, which will further validate the clinical examination and electrocardiogram. There will be one last visit with the surgeon for the design of the planned intervention.

The surgical procedure, with an average duration of 30 minutes, will take place under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. The incisions are practiced around the areola to reduce scars and camouflage with the edge of the nipple. Following the reduction of glandular tissue and possibly the aspiration of fat tissue, skin remains
normally sensitive even if is possible a temporary reduction. After the operation, the appropriate drainage and bandaging will be applied. You will also receive all the indications to attain to in the post-operative (rest, movements to avoid, take in of drugs, etc.)

The scars

The scars will be very thin and almost invisible because they will be practiced exactly in the areolar tissue and skin.

The days after

The day after an intervention of man boobs reduction it is normal to feel tired and numb. You should take the medicines which have been prescribed and carefully follow the postoperative behavioral prescriptions. The next day you will feel much better. You should avoid vigorous movements primarily with the arms for a few days. After about 14 days you can return to normal activities, if they are not too heavy for your arms.

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