Male Liposuction: A Solution Guys Should Consider

Despite diet and exercise, many men can have a hard time eliminating fat from their bodies. Certain areas, such as the belly and chest can be very difficult to target in terms of weight loss. For guys with these issues, male liposuction can be something to look into.

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure performed by a licensed surgeon. It is done at a medical center, such as a hospital. Traditionally, a large syringe or vacuum is used to break apart and remove fat. A small incision is made, and the surgeon will suck out excess fatty tissue. This procedure can be done with a local anesthetic, which means the patient is aware and conscious during the process. The recovery is relatively quick. Most people are back to their normal activity level after three or four days.

Men have specific areas of the body that exercise and diet may not improve. One of the most common reasons men seek liposuction is for the treatment of gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts. This can cause a man to feel self conscious and embarrassed about his body. Many times men will avoid activities requiring them to take off their shirts, such as swimming. Sometimes this ailment is due to a hormonal imbalance, other times it happens with weight gain. A surgeon can remove excess fatty tissue and reshape the male chest, leaving behind only a small scar.

The abdomen can be a very tough place to firm up. Love handles and excess belly fat may remain after regular exercise and dietary measures have been taken. For this reason, many guys decide to have liposuction performed on their abdominal region. Doing so can eliminate love handles and provide a flattened stomach. By keeping up with a decent workout and diet routine, the fat will stay off.

Liposuction costs slightly more for men than for women. This is for a few reasons. Fat appearing on males is more fibrous and dense. This means it will take more time and effort for the surgeon to remove it. The areas men usually need done contain more fibrous fat, for example the chest, belly, and love handles. Lastly, since males are usually larger than females, the amount of fat necessary to remove is greater.

Men do not have to feel ashamed of their bodies. There are steps guys can take to achieve the bodies they want. Male liposuction is a popular option when diet and exercise do not bring the desired results.

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