Major and minor whiplash injury symptoms

Studies show that the number of whiplash injuries happening is increasing of late. You may not realize that you have a whiplash injury unless it really becomes severe after many days. The whiplash injury might be very minor one or a major one.

Symptoms of Minor Whiplash Injuries

A minor whiplash injury might show up itself with symptoms like headache or neck ache. When you develop such whiplash injury symptoms even after many days of an accident, consult a doctor at once without delay. If you do so, you can just get way with little treatments like acupuncture, a heat therapy, or with some painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills with some good rest. Ignoring this, would lead you to severity of the damage.

Symptoms of Major Whiplash Injuries

At times, a whiplash injury might involve damage to the cervical spine during which very frequent headache occurs and if the damage is deep, it may even prolong up to a year. In this case, the headache occurs almost the next morning itself. Though it has not been proved, it is said that headache occurrence is quite common in women.

The treatment for a major injury requires the attention of a specialist who would treat you with spinal cord injections and other medications.

In either case, it is always recommended that you approach a doctor without delay to get your whiplash injury checked and start the treatment without delay to protect yourself from further deeper damage. Also, you must undergo the entire treatment with a single doctor to avoid confusion of the method of treatment, as every doctor has his own way of observing and treating the patients.

When it comes to claiming a whiplash payout, these claims are very common these days with the increase in number of people affected by the whiplash injury. Of course the compensation offered is also fairly good. Not everybody who claims get it. It has its own demands and rules. You must not be the accused in the accident to apply for this claim. You must also acquire a proper medical consultation before you claim, as this document is the most important one for the payout.

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