Maintain a healthy mind with Vitamins for memory and concentration

A healthy diet is a good way to keep our brain function healthy, maintain mental alertness and concentration. The following are some of the healthy foods recommended: eggs, nuts, blueberries, dairy products, fish, avocados, potassium rich foods, garlic, coffee, magnesium rich foods.

In addition to healthy eating habits, taking vitamins for memory and concentration enhancement is beneficial. The strongest effect in helping to improve memory is delivered by Complex B Vitamins, which protect the nerves and reduce stress. Vitamin B6 can help in reducing depression; depression is known to be the main cause of memory loss. A person with vitamin B12 and B9 deficiency may suffer anemia, nervous system problems and mood changes, which play a role in memory loss. Thus B vitamins help in stopping dementia from developing.

Vitamin C with bioflavonoid and a herbal supplement called Gingko are beneficial for the memory as they help increase blood flow to the brain.

There are indications that Vitamin E may help reduce the risk of a condition called atherosclerosis, which means a thickening of artery wall as the result of a build-up of fatty materials. Atherosclerosis affects the blood flow to brain, thus may also contribute to declining memory. Even worse, a chronic reduced blood flow to the brain can cause vascular dementia, which is the second most common dementia after Alzheimer’s.

Vitamin D is produced when the skin is exposed to light. During winter months, when people are often not getting enough exposure to sunlight resulting in Vitamin D deficiency, cases of seasonal depression rise. For that reason, vitamin D supplements are often prescribed to reduce seasonal depression. Depression is one the main causes of memory loss, due to the reduced capacity of a depressed person’s brain to create a long term memory.

A healthy life style supported by the above mentioned vitamins for memory can help keep your memory sharp for a long time.

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