Lynx Portable Back Stretcher Review

Back pain is mainly the reason why people purchase back stretchers. There are many reasons why you need a back stretcher actually. Especially if your are already old and suffering from medical conditions where inversion will never be a good option but you still w ant to get involve in an stretching exercise for overall body fitness and health, a good quality back stretcher will help you in one way or another. There are many different back stretching equipments available in the market but only few are popular and efficient enough to warrant positive reviews from customers. If you will be looking into one particular back stretcher, then you should look in to its features, specifications and of course, its benefits.

While it is true that there can be disadvantages, however, they should not limit you from buying a particular back stretcher where you can be happy and satisfied with your purchase and you can make it disadvantage, an advantage at the same time. The best way to be able to identify the best back stretching equipment, you will need to look for the most popular back stretchers in a physical fitness gym. In a gym, you can first try to work on particular equipment for you to be able to determine if such equipment is what you are really looking for. Also, reviews from previous customers or lynx portable back stretcher review from current users of lynx.

The Lynx Portable Back Stretcher is a self – induced traction for back stretching exercises. It works to decompress your spine, realigns it, helps you relax and reduce fatigue and helps reduce back pain. It even improves posture and increases your flexibility as well. It has adjustable foot support which secures the ankles. It also comes with cushiony leverage handles for comfort and support during stretching. It can be folded to be able to fit in its compact and portable bag. It can be folded in 20″ x 11.5″ x 3.5″dimension. It weighs 5.5 lbs and can accommodate a 4’2” to 6’6” tall user. It is made of 100% high strength aluminum alloy construction and has a 5 year manufacture warranty upon purchase. Its price starts at $99 which may go up to $149.

There are many positive reviews about the efficiency and quality of lynx back stretcher that you might want to check out before you consider purchasing a lynx back stretcher.

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