Liposuction Side Effects and Pregnancy

As a newly wed, you are probably torn between babies and baby fats. You know you want to have your own child but the thought of gaining weight due to pregnancy somehow scares you. The ideas of dieting and exercise, however, are just impossible because you know how hard it is to keep up with these weight loss strategies. So suddenly, the new liposuction surgery seems more attractive. But then, before approaching your nearest cosmetic surgeon, get yourself informed first about the liposuction side effects and pregnancy.

Before Pregnancy


If stubborn fats are already annoying you even before getting pregnant, undergoing liposuction surgery is a good option. Since your condition is not yet as delicate as when you are already pregnant, a cosmetic surgery is generally safe for you; although you can expect minor liposuction side effects to occur. You must note, however, that the fats removed through the procedure can always come back as you get pregnant. So consider this possibility when you make your decision.

During Pregnancy


Any kind of cosmetic surgery is not safe while you are pregnant. Your condition is delicate that the procedure itself and the medications that will be administered to you may cause harmful effects to the baby in your womb. In liposuction, for instance, the anesthesia and the radiation in some types of liposuction can cause liposuction side effects that can be damaging to the fetus. So wait until you give birth and fully recover from the operation before approaching your cosmetic surgeon.

After Pregnancy


During pregnancy, you can expect to add enormous amounts to your weight, which can be very hard to deal with after giving birth. And because of these huge changes to your body, you will also notice the elasticity of your skin to change. That is why doctors would recommend undergoing surgery after giving birth. Remember, however, to wait until you have fully recovered from your operation. This is because the cosmetic procedure and medication can cause harmful effects to your fragile body.

Changes in the body are not always hard to deal with especially when technology is now offering solutions. You must remember, however, that while easy solutions are available, it is still important to do your part in making sure that your health is well kept. Especially in huge changes such as pregnancy, utmost caution should be taken so as not to harm both you and your baby with the possible liposuction side effects of a cosmetic surgery.

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