Laser Tattoo Removal: The Best Choice

There are several tattoo removal options out there in the market and the choice boils down to one factor – effectivity. Tattoo removal creams have been around and they claim to get rid of the tattoo in just one application a day. But some consumers say that they just fade the mark and it does not actually erase it. Some methods are dangerous like salabrasion, an old fashioned way to remove the tattoo in which salt is rubbed on the design until it disappears. It causes open wounds and scarring. It could also lead to skin infection if not treated properly. The removal of the tattoo is excruciatingly painful and the ordeal is repeated until the mark is gone.

The use of laser in dermatology is not new. It is used in facials and scar treatment. It is expensive because the equipment used is state of the art. A low powered laser pulse is used to dissolve ink particles. An anesthetic is applied to the area so the patient does not feel a thing. It takes several sessions with a months interval if the tattoo covers a large portion of the body and if the tattoo old.

After the removal of the tattoo, patients are asked to wear sun block to shield the skin from the harmful UV rays do that it could heal well. They are advised too not to move the area much to avoid injury on the treated area. Post-care and regular checkups after the treatment is likewise needed in order to evaluate if you are totally eradicating your tattoo or if you have further complications.

Laser tattoo removal might be the safest and most effective way on how to get rid of unwanted marks but you must always remember to think twice or even a dozen times before you get a tattoo. It costs more to get rid of it than to get it in the first place.

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