Laser Hair Treatment and the Exciting New Products Offered For Home Use

Laser hair treatment is a great technology, and for as long as there are people with unwanted hair there will be new, better, and cheaper ways to get that job done. Nothing is more exemplified by the fact that you can now have this technology in the privacy of your own home. There are some things you should know about pursuing treatment though, as it’s not all wine and roses even with today’s amazing technology.

Reasons to Consider Passing on Laser Hair Treatment
I would not buy an at home laser if you are a person with a darker skin persuasion. The higher levels of melanin in your skin can interrupt the laser’s effectiveness. You can even suffer burns as a result so I think maybe you ought to pass if you fall into this category. If you want laser hair treatment and have dark skin, seek professional treatment and they will likely achieve a better result than you will at home, and you wouldn’t want to run the risk of being hurt by using the product.

At Home Laser Treatment Brands
Tria beauty offers one of the best at home devices that you can buy, and with their two hundred dollar coupon you can get the device for about six hundred bucks. That is a pretty good deal, considering how much it will cost you in a specialists office. Getting this done at home is nice too, because of the privacy offered, and not everyone likes strangers examining their bikini lines. The X5 hair laser is a little cheaper, about half the price, but I am unsure as to how well this product works compared to some of the better built ones. These products can be purchased anywhere from Neiman Marcus to, and I even saw one featured on EBay, though that did kind of gross me out. They are offered regularly for sale on QVC, the home shopping network, and payments can be made on the product, usually with about half down. I don’t recommend the Epila home system, mainly because I read too many poor reviews on its performance. I don’ t like a produc t that promises great things, takes a bunch of money, and then fails to deliver as promised to its customer base. There are already enough rip off products out there, and in the world of laser hair removal treatment, this is also the case.

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