Laser Equipment For Hair Removal

Laser hair removing equipment can be bought for different purposes: to be used at a clinic, or at a beauty salon; some people even want to have them at their homes. But before you commit a purchase, you should know what to look for.

Laser Hair Removal Machines Types

The first laser hair removing technology introduced by the Thermolase Corp. was not very effective because no testing has been done to it. But today’s situation is quite different: we have stricter rules for the companies to enter the market.

There are laser hair removal machines for sale that fall into two main categories: short and long waved lasers. Short lasers are quite effective but mainly used for light skin tones, while long waved lasers due to their ability to penetrate skin deeply, are used for dark skin.

Short waved lasers are good for light skin tones; also they alloy to avoid skin burning as the l aser beam does not go deep into the skin. Among these lasers there are Erbium, KPT, CO and Pulse DYE.

To be able to penetrate skin deeply and be able to remove the unwanted hair on a dark skin, a long waved laser light is required. Such light is produced by Diode and Alexandrite laser devices.

For a very dark skin the Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser is used, which has the longest wavelength of laser light. Actually the machine has two lights: infrared, which is long, and green light that has short wave length of laser beam.

Where To Purchase These Hair Removal Machines?

The easiest way to buy laser hair removal equipment is to go online and visit some Internet store. It is not only convenient because you are buying from home or office, but also you have all the required information right at your finger tips: customer reviews, prices, and all available models.

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