It’s Healthy to Drink Wine

In my childhood I did a lot of exercise and obviously didn’t drink much. Unfortunately I became a teenager and the training went out the window and in came drink. Fortunately after a couple of years along cam my future wife and knocked me back into shape. I started training again and my alcohol consumption reduced. Now I feel a lot more healthy, drinks loads of health drinks and plan to continue living like I do now.

I know that I do have a healthy way of living now but surely a man is allowed some sort of guilty pleasure? People have to keep a balanced approach to life so on the opposite side of the scales from my healthy living I have a bottle of red wine. I only drink in moderation though so I know I am not going to do too much damage.

I wasn’t sure if I should feel disappointed or not because I discovered that red wine isn’t much of a vice after all. I never knew that wine could be good for you and in particular red wine seems to be better. Of course, this is only the case if you drink it in moderation but with all the antioxidants it really is worth looking into.

Oxidation happens in the body because of a number of different reasons but there is no avoiding it. Oxidants release what’s known as free radicals in to the system and the antioxidants in wine can help to neutralise them. This is also good because it helps to fight against heart and liver disease and cancer.

So now you know, red wine is good for you in moderation and all you have to do now is go get some. Over at the food and drink site I talk a lot about the 4 seasons wine club. You should really go take a look and treat yourself to some fine and healthy wine.

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