It appears that sleep apnea causes brain damage

Repeated ups and downs in blood pressure and blood flow in the brain can people with sleep apnea lead to a situation of increased risks of stroke and even death in sleep. Beside stroke people with breathing disorders are at very high risk of heart attack. Sleep deprivation also affects cognitive and motor skills ill.

A study from Yale University School of Medicine found that obstructive sleep apnea causes a reduction in blood flow to the brain during episodes of sleep and waking caused by sleep apnea. When this happens, blood pressure rises in the organs. When episodes of breathing cessation happens repeatedly (which is a common thing when it comes to sleep apnea), the brain’s ability to protect the weak with time.

In previous studies, it was confirmed that people with sleep apnea more likely to develop stroke and death than people of similar health status who do not have breathing disorder. Although the best solution is long term solution, the current solutions such as sleep apnea mouthpiece and CPAP enable rapid improvement.

In the United States more than 18 million people have diagnosed sleep apnea, it is a condition when the upper airway is blocked so that breathing is interrupted or even stopped. Apnea then causes a drop in oxygen levels in the blood and increase blood pressure but normal condition returns when the person wakes up. The cycle is repeated throughout the night.

Another awkward occurrence in people who have sleep apnea is to have a lower rate of blood flow and oxygen levels below detectable levels during sleep than people who do not have a disorder of breathing during sleep.

People who have breathing disorders during sleep needs more time to recover from a fall in blood pressure and re-establish normal blood flow to the brain.

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