Is Tennis Elbow Surgery Really a Good Option?

Tennis elbow is an injury that results from the overuse of the arm and the muscles in the forearm that leads to elbow pain that, sometimes, lead to tennis elbow surgery.  When tennis elbow  symptoms persist for several months despite the effort to eliminate the most aggravating physical activities and the act of resting the arm so as it could heal itself, you may seek surgical treatment. It is also advised that you can undergo surgical treatment once you have undergone at least six months of conservative treatment.

Due to the inherent risks of the surgery, the doctor will make sure that the patient is experiencing the level of pain that prevents him from doing normal activity. Aside from that, the patient shows relief or improvement from tennis elbow pain after being given several cortisone shots.

There are two types of invasive surgery. The first invasive tennis elbow surgery creates a 3 to 4 incision or cut in the arm where it can only be closed after the tendon sheaths are trimmed. The second type of invasive tennis elbow surgery is cutting the arm and releasing the tendon from the bone with a scalpel. Both of these surgeries are being done on an outpatient basis.

It is not always thought that invasive surgery is the best option for your tennis elbow pain because there are options that can deal with the underlying cause of your tennis elbow condition without going as far as being operated on.

The patient may wear a sling or a plaster cast depending on the doctor’s evaluation. The risks of lateral epicondylitis invasive surgeries include infection, bleeding, nerve damage, slight loss of the ability to extend or straighten you arm, a scar on the skin surface that may be painful and/or unsightly, persistent weakness in your arm or wrist as well. Tennis elbow surgery can help you deal with your problem but make sure you are well informed when it comes to all advantages and disadvantages.

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