Is it Perfect for my Ears? Questions to Ask When Buying Hearing Aids

The sense of hearing is priceless. For the hearing impaired, there is a paucity of sounds that one can hear but anything that can put the volume a notch higher is already equivalent to a slice of heaven. Silence is lonely, that’s why the invention of hearing aids has given people with hearing loss hope that their hearing may be improved.

Choosing the right hearing aid is a complex process. Making the decision should be done with the guidance of a good audiologist who can help you with your choice of hearing aid. Here are some questions to ask before purchasing a hearing device.

  • Do I really need a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are prescribed by audiologists to individuals who are diagnosed with a type of hearing loss. Don’t jump into buying a hearing aid, got to a doctor first and get your ears checked, ear wax or infections can cause some degree of hearing loss but can be treated without the need for hearing aids. If the audiologist diagnosed you with some degree of permanent hearing loss, then it’s time to choose a hearing aid.

  • What type of hearing aid do I need?

Usually audiologists are the best experts to tell you what your kind of hearing loss requires in a hearing device. There are different types of hearing aids, each of them with different sizes, shapes and forms. Some hearing aids may not be powerful enough for individuals with profound hearing impairment. Ask your doctor for advice on options that are appropriate for your level of hearing loss.

  • Does size matter to me?

Most people want to avoid the stigma that comes with a disability such as a hearing loss. If you want a smaller device that is almost invisible, then you can choose the type of hearing aid which is placed completely in the canal or skin-tone behind-the-ear hearing aids that are less conspicuous.

  • Is there a trial period and a warranty?

Most sellers provide a trial period for a hearing aid so users can test it if they are comfortable with it. Do not forget to ask if the company charges a fee for the trial. Also, check the coverage of the warranty and the expiration period.

  • How much am I willing to spend for a hearing aid?

The price of hearing aids varies from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you have an insurance policy, inquire if they cover expenses for a hearing aid. Still, make sure the hearing aid is the right one for your condition to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Different hearing aids types can improve the quality of life of individuals diagnosed with hearing impairments. It allows them to have better communication with others and enhanced hearing and listening capabilities. Choosing a hearing aid is like choosing a second ear to enhance listening and hearing, it should be the right one to make a perfect fit.

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