Is it Good to Wear a Bra to Bed?

Wearing bras has already become a necessity for most women today. There are women who think that they should only wear bras when going to w ork or anywhere else outside home. There are other women who are comfortable enough to wear one all throughout the day even during bedtime. Some women want the support that these bras give and the sagging and drooping that they supposedly prevent when worn to bed. However wearing bras even to bed has now been linked with breast cancer. So is it good to wear a bra to bed?

Up until this day, there has been no study that provides any scientific evidence that wearing bras at night will lead to breast cancer or will make breasts perkier and prevent them from sagging. Wearing bras is all about being comfortable. Some women prefer to wear them at night because they find comfort in wearing one. Others do not because they find bras rather irritating. It is basically a matter of personal preference if you choose to wear one at night.

However, there have been a few questions raised that point to the relationship of breast cancer and the number of hours a bra is worn. A theory explains that certain types of bras such as the underwire bras may cause breast cancer if worn for many hours per day. This is based on the hypothesis that wearing such constricting bras for long hours will constrict the lymphatic system that is meant to filter toxins from the body. When these toxins are not filtered, they build up and may lead to breast cancer. But still, this study does not conclude any links of breast cancer with nighttime bra wearing.

Wearing bras at night should still be based on comfort. Since bras were created mainly to support breasts and to keep them lifted and firm, finding the right bra that will fit comfortably is very important. A woman should make sure that the fit of the bra is just right for her and this will give her enough comfort in return. Women should avoid wearing bras with underwire for they tend to leave the skin red with irritation marks. So on the subject of being comfortable, never wear bras that are too tight or with parts that poke your skin. This is usually the case for underwire bras and these bras may prevent a woman from getting a good night’s sleep. And though bras are a necessity, make sure you find the right fit and what’s comfortable so that you shouldn’t worry about wearing one even at night.

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