Is It Good to Pop Pimples?

You wake up one morning to find a big red spot on your forehead. So you get ready to prick it. But wait a moment. Is it good to pop pimples? When we see a pimple, it is very tempting to pop it, especially if the pimple is huge. So, should you pop a pimple or not?

If you would ask a dermatologist whether or not you should pop your pimple, the answer would be no. Popping pimples aggravate the situation most of the time. When you pop the pimple, it becomes an open wound. It is now open to get infected by more bacteria and dirt. And once it gets infected again, you end up with another pimple. This just starts the vicious process of pimples all over again.

And if your pimple does not manage to come back after you have popped it, you now face the risk of getting scarred. Because popping pimples turn them into open wounds, then you would most likely end up with scars afterwards. These scars can either be dark spots on your face or atrophic scars, scars that are depressed and look like a hole or valley on your skin. Whatever type of scar, you don’t want to end up with them. These just make you look worse than having that red spot.

Another problem with popping pimples is that you end up spreading the bacteria. The pus inside the pimple is full of bacteria, dirt, and oils and when you pop the pimple, these are scattered to other areas. In the end, you end up getting more pimples than what you had at first.

Popping pimples are really not advisable. But there are times that popping them actually helps you. And most of the time, you can’t really resist popping a pimple, especially when you can see the white pus at the tip. Some pimples seem to really ask for you to pop them. So, when you do end up in this situation, you can pop your pimple but be sure to pop it properly. Keep in mind the following tips on popping your pimple, the proper way.

• Only pop pimples that are ready to pop, pimples that are white at the tips.
• Wash your face and hands with soap and warm water.
• Get a needle and the tip of the needle pass through a flame.
• Wait for the needle to cool for a while until it is safe to touch and wipe the tip with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.
• Wipe the pimple and the surrounding area with another cotton ball soaked in alcohol.
• Place the needle parallel to your skin and use the tip to prick the pimple head.
• Push down on your skin around the pimple and wipe the area with more alcohol-soaked cotton.
• Apply some witch hazel if you have and an acne spot treatment to the area.

Be sure to pop your pimple the proper way in order to avoid aggravating the situation and scarring your face. If no pus comes out after you pricked your pimple with the needle, stop and wait for another 12 to 24 hours before trying to pop your pimple again. And as much as possible, avoid prodding, pricking, squeezing, mashing, and poking your pimples. If you want to know more about how to pop a pimple than watch this video on youtube.

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