Interesting information about the lemonade diet

Are you looking for cleansing your body? Following a lemonade diet is one of the effective ways to do so.

Stanley Burroughs started this diet ages ago. Apart from helping to detoxify the body, it is also reputed to give other benefits like curing ulcers. You may also undergo some amount of weight loss.

For those who are addicted to coffee, tea or alcohol, there could be lesser cravings for such items after following this diet. To put it briefly, the diet consists of drinking a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup throughout the dietary period. Simply extract juice from a fresh lemon fruit, mix it with maple syrup, cayenne pepper and some water.

Drink around six to twelve glasses of this concoction everyday. You can make a concentrated form of lemon juice with maple syrup. The syrup acts like a preservative. When you are ready to drink the lemon juice, simply mix the cayenne pepper and water.

The core part of this diet is the lemons. Hence, it is important to maintain the freshness of lemon juice as much as possible. Lemons should be fresh to give the best possible effects. Consume any of the herbal laxative teas in the morning and evening as part of the diet.

It helps to clear your bowels effectively. You are not supposed to eat anything for the entire period of cleansing. The cleansing period normally takes a minimum duration of ten days. It is also important to drink plenty of water during this dietary period.

This particular type of diet is also called as master cleanse, maple syrup diet or lemon cleanse. It is reputed to cleanse your body of free radicals, toxins and other harmful chemicals. You would also face some amount of weight loss. So, give it a shot if you want to improve your health.

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