Information On the Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Stevia

The herb stevia has been around for a long time and been used by the Guarani Indians of Paraguay for many centuries. The stevia rebaudiana is a small, green plant that has a nice refreshing taste. It is also many times more sweeter than refined sugar.

Not only is stevia sweeter than refined sugar the body does not metabolize the sweet glycosides or any of the processed forms, this means that there is very little or no caloric intake from consuming stevia. It also does not adversely cause the blood glucose levels to lower or increase meaning it is safe for diabetics.But it’s also important to remember that if you have diabetes contact your doctor before using the herb to make sure everything is safe.

Stevia has many traditional uses. The Indian Tribes Of South America used it topically to help heal wounds, another thing that they used the herb was for digestive problems. It also has many other traditional uses  that many people still use today for there aliments.

As well as many health benefits that can come from stevia it also has some side effects although none have been proven to be direct effect of stevia yet.

The Side Effects Of Stevia

The two stevia side effects and most common in people who have taken the herb is bloating and nausea. Another very common one when users have just started using stevia is dizziness, all of these are usually short term and should only last a few days and then go.  More serious and less common side effects include slight muscle pain and numbness, if you have the se symptoms after consuming stevia discontinue use to see if they go, if they do not go contact your doctor.

On the whole stevia is a much healthier choice than most other sugar alternatives and if you are looking for something to replace refined sugar stevia could be a really good option for anyone.

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