Hypnosis to Quit Smoking – How Does It Work?

Hypnosis to quit smoking – how does it work

Hypnosis is a powerful way in which change can be brought. Sometimes it can be so difficult to bring about change because our unconscious or our subconscious mind, wants to do the opposite of our conscious desires. In that way, it can be so difficult to achieve our goals and ambitions because of the fact that there is an internal conflict going on. Hypnosis serves the function in being able to break through that barrier, and resolve that inner conflict allowing for that habit to change or alter depending on the wishes of the individual in question. Smoking is one such example as to why many opt for hypnotherapy treatment. In some way, smoking serves the function of releasing stress and tension from the body and this function can sometimes run into battle with the wishes and desires of that part of the mind that wishes that the individual stop smoking. The person to aide themselves in quitting has to substitute that function of smoking for something else in order to be fully relieved of the consequences of quitting. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are ways in which things can be ‘straightened out’ unconsciously – to be brought into the correct alignment of the conscious mind and the individual.

For someone that wishes to exercise but can’t because of a blockage, hypnosis can help in removing that blockage allowing for that exercise. It should be noted that the individual still needs to do the work though, the ‘exercise’ in this case, it won’t still happen by itself. Many people report that hypnosis therapy is quite relaxing and peaceful – that the process in it of itself is quite stress relieving. If you’re looking at quit smoking or losing weight – these forms of therapy are fantastic means to bring about the results that you desire. Sometimes it can be hard making a decision, but ultimately, decisions are the doorways to change. Best of luck!

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