How To Treat Gardnerella?

Sexually transmitted infections are one of the most common infections that a lot of persons around the world have. Sexually transmitted infections are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microscopic organisms. Unfortunately, our body can’t create strong immunity to these infections thus there is a possibility of acquiring it again even if you’re done with the treatment. Information dissemination is very important so that people will be aware of the proper way of preventing and managing these kinds of infections. Ironically, some of the common sexually transmitted infections are not well expounded like bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is basically an infection in the vagina usually caused by a bacteria namely Gardnerella vaginalis. It is a local infection wherein the person will experience signs and symptoms such as vaginal irritation that can be intense. Accompanied by this irritation is malodorous, specifically fishy odor, grayish vaginal discharges. Treatment for bacterial vaginosis is through oral intake of metronidazole for a specified length of days. This treatment should be strictly followed to prevent any undesirable results and to obtain the right effects of the treatment. But there are some instances that metronidazole is not prescribed such as if the person is pregnant. Pregnant women should not take metronidazole because of the adverse effects of the drug to the fetus.  As an alternative, pregnant women are prescribed topical vaginal creams for them to use.

Antibiotic treatments should not be stopped even if the signs and symptoms subside, because these kinds of treatments are not for the signs and symptoms but it is for the causative agent itself. Bacteria have the tendency to adapt to medications that they are exposed to, rendering that same medication to have no effect on the bacteria and a greater probability of acquiring recurrent bacterial vaginosis. If this happens, then the medical doctor will prescribe a much stronger kind of antibiotic.

Throughout the duration of the treatment, it is recommended to use protective barrier like condoms during sexual intercourse. It is also highly recommended to do abstinence. This will ensure that the said disease will not spread.

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