How to Treat an Ingrown Hair on your Vagina

An ingrown hair, also called medically as pseudofolliculitis, is an irritating case of hair tip that could not escape from our skin layer. Because of this unfortunate case and instead of freely growing outwards, the hair tends to grow inwards. An ingrown hair usually happens as a byproduct of improper waxing and shaving. This also often occurs with curly and coarse hair, such as those found in the pubic area. Now ladies, when the ingrown hair is left untreated, a hair follicle infection known as folliculitis could take place.

To avoid such misfortune, here is how to treat an ingrown hair on vagina. To treat ingrown hair on vagina, the first thing you should do is to use a body wash that contains glycolic acid when rinsing the pubic area. The glycolic acid content will help exfoliate the skin; exfoliating the skin makes it easier for any hair tip to grow outward. The second step is to apply an astringent that contains salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide, or witch hazel. Any astringent that has alcohol is a product that is too harsh to use near the genitals. So, using a cotton ball with the right astringent, apply treatment near the genitals in order to remove any dead skin cells and also to prevent any infection.

The third measure of treatment is more of a reminder to not shave, or remove hair around the vagina, again until the ingrown hair have already healed. Allow some time for the hair to grow back normally without causing any irritation that could lead to an unwanted infection. Also, frequent shaving will definitely irritate the skin and this could only worsen your situation of ingrown hair. There are other ways of treating an ingrown hair on vagina. Some of these make use of a salt and sugar application as a treatment to reduce redness and irritation that goes with any ingrown hair. Another technique involves washing the hair with a moistened sponge or cloth while following a circular motion in order to influence the growth of the hair tip away from the skin. Others also follow the direction of hair growth when shaving to help keep the hair from growing inwards. After treating any ingrown hair, it is best to follow some measures that will avoid such growth.

Before shaving, other people wash the hair first with water to soften it. This makes the tip duller and reduces the chances of any tip re-entering the skin. Also, the best way to avoid ingrown hair is to simply allow the hair to just grow naturally. And it is not advisable to pick at ingrown hairs using your finger or any sharp object for this could only introduce bacteria to the genitals and may only lead to an infection. Another reminder is before dismissing any bumps as a mark of ingrown hair, better ask your doctor first because signs like this can be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease.

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