How To Teach Kettlebell Classes

After I received my kettlebell instructor certification I got hired by a local Crossfit Gym to teach classes. Once each week I would be teaching a group of people who had never before touched a Russian kettlebell how to use these strength tools. They can be pretty intimidating at first, but I knew how to teach someone how to use them safely.

What I was not sure about was how I was going to teach a whole group how to use them at once. I wanted to make sure that I was going to be able to give each student enough attention so that they learned kettlebell technique well enough to practice confidently on their own.

Most of my worries were totally baseless. The students were all so excited about taking the class that they gave me their undivided attention. Here is how I went about teaching the basic exercises to the group. That first week I had 13 people.

First, I demonstrated the movement we were focusing on. I gave the entire class a couple of things to watch for, but did not overdo it. To start with, I essentially said, try to make your movement look like mine.

Once everyone tried, I was able to walk around individually and improve each student’s technique as they all practiced together.

But the best thing I have discovered so far is the technique of “You go, I go.” Here’s how it works. I put the class in pairs. Each pair is working on a specific movement. They watch each other perform the movement and do their best to correct each other according to the feedback I provide at the beginning of a class. They alternate sets and check each other constantly.

While this is happening I walk around the room listening, observing, praising whenever I can, and offering suggestions for improvement whenever needed.

It’s a lot of fun. It surprised me, but the students really enjoy getting to teach each other as well. If you are a personal trainer looking to introduce kettlebell classes into your business, I highly recommend trying this method if you’re unsure how to begin.

Good luck!

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